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George Pearse is one of East London's leading personal trainers. Based primarily in a private studio in Broadway Market, but also training in and around the East End on a mobile basis, his methods revolve primarily around a combination of body-weight exercises, natural movement and high-intensity principles. He'll get you lean, limber and the fittest you've potentially ever been.

Formerly a city lawyer, George - a PT magazine expert and author for We Heart Living - has provided exercise campaign advice to Adidas and has worked with former Paralympian athletes. He now lays claim to over 2000 hours of personal training experience, having overseen numerous weight-loss and body transformations.

Qualifications besides an LLB include padwork, suspension training and pre and post natal work for all you baby mamas. He's coupled this with a promising sideline in nutrition and advanced weight management - an area of growing interest. He is also studying towards a masters in Psychotherapy at the University of London.