George Pearse has over 5000 hours of personal training experience. Since qualifying in 2014, he has gone on to coach olympic athletes, celebrities, together with 100s of people across the London borough of Hackney. What stands him apart is his ability to emphasise with clients, working with them side by side as they undertake their fitness journey.



A latecomer to the world of fitness, George originally qualified as a commercial solicitor, working both in the City and for an in-house broadcasting company. Deciding that office life was not getting the most out of him, he left to pursue a less conventional path - personal training.

After qualifying at London’s esteemed YMCA academy, he set up working for himself. 2 years spent cycling all over London to train clients, come rain, sleet or snow afforded him an invaluable insight into what makes a great personal trainer: someone who provides a strong training programme that is curated specifically for the client in front of you. George now works primarily out of a private studio in London Fields, whilst also running group classes across London’s East End.

5 years later and what still keeps George jumping out of bed in the morning is a real passion for people. During a client consultation, he looks to truly understand why you’re presenting for training in the first place. What are your individual drivers? How can we work together to make the most of your precious time? He understands that what works for one client will be entirely unsuited to another. This compassion and desire to understand the individual in front of him is why clients continue to train week after week, year after year.