At your consultation, we'll work together to look through your exercise history. We'll consider your current fitness levels, your nutrition, plus different sources of stress and typical sleep patterns to better understand what it is you really want to achieve and how we best go about realising it. 

Fresh Fit will ensure that your tailor-made programme is challenging and full of variety, keeping you both motivated and on track. We are mindful of all the latest fitness trends and lean towards HIIT and body weight principles. We eschew the 'quick fix' mentality in favour of thorough, sustainable change that really goes the distance. 

When it comes to exercise, you'll get back what you put in, meaning that you can expect to be pushed hard. We are not body fascists, nor are we rep merchants, so there will be no screaming and shouting - from us at least! You will leave each session feeling fresh and energised, ready for whatever lies in store.